Our approach to an Assignment as every search is different, and every client  has different needs. Our clients rely on our ability to identify appropriate suitable and qualified candidates that will meet their needs. We believe in understanding the customer requirements, while also understanding what each candidate aspires. With our expertise in the industry, effectively our team becomes strategic partners working with clients and committed to ensuring ongoing success for every given assignment.

Our search practice offers better recruitment solutions that combine our proven methodology with our high level of professionalism. We strive hard through the scientific approach to bring a match between candidate and job. We offer specialized recruitment solutions to both our Clients and Candidates

The methodology as follows.

Role of Avenue Job Solutions practice
Firstly getting to know Client company, management team, product and culture
Gather information on the client, competitors and overall market
Understanding the need of the Client by meeting HR team and gathering the expectations for the position
Assemble the search team to gather most suitable candidate resumes by assessing various methods by crafting a search strategy
to suit the client requirement within a given time frame
Create the list of “ Hot Candidates “
Role of the Client
Client HR Team will communicate the needs clearly with job profile
Need to inform us any specific companies or candidates they would like to pursue
Company should approve job profile and description
Review the submitted list and make necessary changes if any;
The above process results in clearly identifying the most appropriate candidate with a targeted recruitment strategy.
Role of Avenue Job Solutions practice
Contact the hot list and assess their level of match with client’s offered job profile
Picking up the individuals currently performing the position of client’s job description as well as candidates who could be promoted into this role
Conduct initial interviewing with prospective candidates
Sorting out the list of most appropriate candidates of 2 to 4 along with their back grounds
Role of the Client
Review the final list submitted
Identify the candidates who can be called for an interview in the 3rd phase
The above process provides the excellent and most appropriate 2 to 4 candidates to meet the client specific job profile requirements.
Role of Avenue Job Solutions practice
Co-ordinating with candidates and clients to arrange the interviews as scheduled by the client
Providing assistance in the negotiation of compensation if necessary
Giving the feedback to the client and the candidate after the interview
Role of the Client
Client Interview panel will interview the candidates
HR Team will provide the post- interview details
Select the appropriate lead candidate
The above process results getting the best candidate for the client’s job description.
Role of Avenue Job Solutions practice
Getting the list of references from selected candidate
Cross checking the references and providing a report to client
Requesting the candidate to inform total compensation offered
Helping in resigning from the present organization and transition
Role of the Client
HR Team will prepares and hands over the final offer to the selected candidate
Provide the selected candidate with relocation information
Prepare for negotiation if necessary and obtain the acceptance of offer from the candidate
The above process results the most appropriate candidate joins the Client’s team.
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